Roma’s Build and Travel images

I aquired this Fj40 in October 2010 from Pinedale Wyoming at which point I drove it home to Alabama. The truck had the typical rust but to my astonishment had rock solid doors which I knew were a rare find. Upon my return I slowly began removing a few panels at a time and powder coating them for my desired durable finish. The color was suppose to be mustard but cured to more of a "honey yellow". The truck has seen regular use since I've had it and even served as a daily driver for roughly the last year. I travel around the u.s. visiting the national parks every summer so the goal I had in mind was for me to be able to drive the 40 cross country efficiently and effectively. Sooo in march of this year I installed a low mileage 3b and h55f transmission along with a 60 series power steering conversion. The next day I took off on a 4400 mile trek to the grand canyon and southern Utah.

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